Verse Two - a response to and depiction of humanity adrift within our enlarged perception of the cosmos.

This body of 25 works is the output of the last six years and have been reviewed privately at the very highest level in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Russia.

They are being made at three scales - maquette, half life and heroic scales in bronze and marble. These are all first editions, with the exception of two mid-scale works already sold.

These works are currently only to be viewed at the studio. A very limited edition catalogue maybe sent out on request by serious, distant collectors.

A complete, exclusive London exhibition is being prepared for 2020, followed by elsewhere. If you would like to attend, please apply below.

Sale prices are on application only. To place an advance order, please arrange a visit or request to attend the private view.

Three examples of Verse Two works - plaster maquettes.


‘Cosmological Constant’


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