All of the work exhibited on this site has one to a few limited editions available.

You can own work by purchase:

- at the ‘Shop

- at one of our four 2019 ‘Exhibitions

- by getting in touch and working specifics out between us

- by making arrangements to come to the atelier, or studio.

Most works are made to order; lead times are 4-12 weeks.

As the work is being built & finished, you will be kept up-to-date with visuals where possible.

Final approval images are sent before dispatch.

A close look at these coins will show a fun & symbolic arrangement. At the centre sits Mary Gillick’s iconic bust of QEII.


Our shop payment platform is paired with ‘Stripe’ and can seamlessly accepts these currencies using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Apple Pay and PayPal are also accepted options.

Better yet, knowing that wealth is stored in many forms and places and that our clients are diverse & widespread, we have:

Bullion accounts

Crypto currency accounts

Multi-currency offshore accounts

This allows you to securely and privately buy sculptures. We do the work of converting & feeding these incomes back into our hungry business account.

Please get in touch if you have such special requirements, need wallet addresses, etc.

Delivery, installation

We can, and have, delivered everywhere without hitch. There are even large works by TG on Hawaii. Please get in touch to arrange.

Work by post travels securely in virgin materials, triple and quadruple wall boxes, packed in compost-able loose-fil, insured and tracked.

If there is any problem on arrival, record it, get in touch - we’ll sort it out from here.

A sculpture is often a finishing touch to a project and installation has to be first rate. We have plenty of experience and knowledge to be just so. For UK clients, please get in touch to arrange.

Delivery and installation for larger works outside the UK is no problem. We can co-ordinate with your chosen contractor, supply them with all the information they need.



Finished with sealant and wax, indoor bronze sculptures are made to last in their finished state. They will need dusting, however. A note is sent with every piece about some basic do’s and dont’s for more exotic finishes.

Exposed to the elements, outdoor works will deteriorate over time, just like your Aston Martin. Unlike your car, they can age gracefully or be kept like new with an annual wax and polish. An advice note, brush, tin of wax and polish cloth are sent out with your sculpture to get you started.