The Lengths

Without exception my patrons expend great effort and expense creating beautiful environments in which to live and work. I am always flattered to contribute to what has often been a lifetime of careful personal decisions and regard it as a fundamental duty of mine not to break this confidence: to make work well, deliver it well, safely, and to install work properly as efficiently and cost effectively as I can. Doing so is enjoyable and sometimes challenging.  These otters, eight stone in weight, and their 12 stone pillar, were each carried in my arms from a jetty stepping down into a bobbing old boat, rowed over a pond, carried out over my shoulder as the boat floated off, almost doing the splits over deep water between boat and island. But they are in; solid, exactly where my friends and patrons on the shore wanted them. Deeply satisfying. Most of my reward and pleasure is in the act of goodwill called ‘good delivery’.

gillick bronze sculpture life size courting swimming otters pond island 6 banner mid.jpg