You are welcome here

You are more than welcome here, in my atelier, but be serious about why you come. It will mean I must tidy up, and that is a day spent taing my eye off the ball doing something I don’t much like.  Understand that I regard you — whether you own a single hand-sized work or a collection, or are putting out your feelers — as my patron, as a person who by your support has encouraged me in this venture and precarious life.

Yours would be a visit to the underside of the swan, to the furiously paddling feet that sustains the matchless bird against the flow. This is an atelier in the true sense of the word, in the sense of a workshop, a place of labour that exists only to facilitate the work that is carried out there.  If I take you in there you will see all the things, and I will see only the empty space and the empty turntable, and I can not describe to you the profound, magnetic, elemental tug of a quiet and lidded clay bin and the longing for a spell of warfare with my tools.

Put on your hat, tilt it in the manner of a patron of the arts, put or don’t put your cheque book in your pocket, come and have some tea.

A gallery to follow in the near future .…….